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Top Selling ISO, EN, IEC and BS Standards: EN50131 / EN 50131

Nomenclature/Details for EN 50131 / EN50131 - Alarm systems.

Standard No EN50131-1:1997, EN 50131
Title of Standrd Alarm systems. Intrusion systems. General requiremnts
ISBN 058026808X
Date of Publication 15th Oct 1997
Approx No of Pages Thirty Eight
Description Burglar alarms, Alarm systems, Warning devices, Safety devices, Safety measures, Crime prevention devices, Security systems in buildings, Detectors, Electrical equipment, Performance, Grades, Classification systems, Antiburglar measures,
X references EN50081, EN50130, EN60065, IEC60065, IEC60065, IEC60065, EN60073, EN60950, IEC60950
Numerically Close EN50136-2-1 (yr=1998) EN50136-1-4 (yr=1998) EN50136-1-3 (yr=1998) EN50136-1-2 (yr=1998) EN50136-1-1 (yr=1998) EN50134-5 (yr=2004) EN50134-3 (yr=2001) EN50134-2 (yr=2000) EN50134-1 (yr=2002) EN50133-7 (yr=1999) EN50133-2-1 (yr=2000) EN50133-1 (yr=1997) EN50132-7 (yr=1996) EN50132-5 (yr=2001) EN50132-4-1 (yr=2001) EN50132-2-1 (yr=1998) EN50129 (yr=2003) EN50128 (yr=2001) EN50126 (yr=1999) EN50125-3 (yr=2003) EN50125-2 (yr=2002) EN50125-1 (yr=1999) EN50124-2 (yr=2001) EN50124-1 (yr=2001)

See also: EN50131-6 (yr=1998)

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